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Hepatica on the Yadkin :: early spring

posted Feb 22, 2011, 8:26 AM by Administrator Friends of Sauratown Mtns
(Hepatica nobilis var. obtusa)

Member Matt Perry spotted this hepatica in bloom in a sunny protected spot. They are often found nestled up against the trunks of large trees. Hepatica have sweetly scented pale blue flowers, rarely white, growing from a patch of what appear to be lifeless leaves. The stems and early opening buds are covered with fine downy 'hairs' that appear to protect the flower from freezing. The three-lobed leaves are purplish brown now, but after the blooms have faded, new greem leaves will emerge.

Photo credits:
Hepatica in bloom (above) - Matt Perrry
Hepatica in bud (below) - Katherine Schlosser